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Hi, I’m  JC @ Midwest Bonding. You can expect quick, confidential and professional bail bonding service from me. You can call me at 952-808-1600 or send me an email and I will start to work immediately for you or your family member.

How Bail Bonds Work

​Most people have heard about bail bonds but not everyone knows how they work. When someone gets arrested for suspicion of a crime, that person is taken by law enforcement for booking of the crime. They will have their photo taken, fingerprinted and asked for a statement. After this process is finished they will be held in jail unless he or she can come up with the bail.

Bail is simply a financial arrangement made by the bail bonding agency on behalf of the criminal defendant. JC@Midwest Bonding​ will arrange with the court to have you released from jail pending the trial after the court has set the bail amount.

The Company Midwest Bail Bonding is great. But what is greater is bail bondsman J.C. he is the BEST!! He is an excellent business man. We had first called him and he was on the Bond Case immediately! He was interacting with my husband and myself as to how and when and all the arrangements would and should go and be. He is so great at communicating. He never missed a phone call. And also always excepted my husbands collect calls. We had a very easy and pleasant business experience. We will and do tell people to call J.C. @ Midwest Bonding! Thanks So Much J.C. Miranda

Minnetonka, MN

Our son was arrested for a DUI and JC provided the bail. We had never dealt with an arrest or the need for bail before so it was a relief to deal with JC who was professional, calm, and knowledgeable. One phone call and JC met us at the police station, provided the bail, and our son was out. Hopefully we’ll never need a bail bond again, but if we do I would not hesitate to use JC at Midwest Bonding.


Woodbury, MN

JC at Midwest Bail Bonding was the only bail bondsman who was able to or willing to secure a bond for me during a recent arrest. He made contact with my family out of state, arranged everything, charged a very reasonable rate and even picked me up and drove me home. And this was from Wright County. He works all over the metro area and will truly work for you. Plus, the guy is always on call. I have never called him where he hasn’t accepted collect calls or gotten back to me very quickly. My only wish is that I would have called him first! I would have been bonded out much sooner. Trust me, there is nobody better at securing a bond for you or somebody you know. Call JC first. You won’t regret it. Thank, JC! Anthony

Minnetonka, MN